1995-05-04 Focus, page 4


1995-05-04 Focus, page 4


FEATURES FOCUS Thursday, May 4,1995 What happened this week in MJC history ONE YEAR AGO A walk-a-thon was held to raise money for the library. Approximately $3,250 dollars was raised for the library. "Although the goal of 10,000 dollars was not achieved, the walk-a-thon brought will help out our library." Said Ramonia Wilter, who participated in the event With team effort, the MJC Men's swim team, was able to capture the the Camino Notre Conference at Napa college, despite only finishing first in one event The only individual winner was for MJC was Tom Hughes who won the 100 with a time of 59.7 seconds. Todd Walker was runner-up in the two hundred-meter individual relay. The women's team came in second to American River College. Sheila Diedrich won the 200-meter medley and finished fourth in the 100 relay. 5 YEARS AGO MJC announced a new smoking policy. Following the spring semester students who smoke in the student center will be forced to take their smoking habit elsewhere. In December, student body president Jeff Kramer and MJC president Stan Hodges, began to address complaint from student about the smoke. People in the summer session might hot mind smoking outside but once winter comes, smokers will feel the effects of the new decision. Plans for a metal shelter had been discussed for smokers, but,in the end, money problems killed that idea. "We can't provide a place for them to smoke because we can't afford it." said- Hodges. 10 YEARS AGO MJC student leaders lost their struggle to prevent a five-dollar increase in the cost of parking permits when the YCCD Board of Trustees voted unanimoulsy to raise it to $15 per semester. Daily permits were increased to 50 cents, up from 25 cents. ASMJC Senator Daron Hay- dock suggested that the school should sell its Tully Road parking lot to raise funds rather than charging more for permits. The Tully lot, he claimed, was "rarely used anymore." Today, parking permits are $20 per semester, and daily permits are $1. There are currently four parking lots on Tully Road. 15 YEARS AGO The 1980-81 performance schedule for MJC's drama department was canceled due to low enrollment in theater production classes. About a dozen drama students protested by marching for the Stanislaus county courthouse to the East Campus Quad in hopes of raising "demonstrated interest" in the department Humanities Division Chairman Lloyd Faukner said if there was such interest in the next year's performances, perhaps the program could be saved. Fauknew also cited decreas- "Tequila Bob" and "Red Dog rule the JC radio waves Ray Moushilou Focus staff writer With names like "Tequila Bob" and "Red Dog," "Fictional Reality," a radio show, is slowly winning over KRJC listeners. Fictional Reality is the first talk show in KRJC's 44-year history. It is the brainchild of student Tim Elizondo, also known as 'Tequila Bob." "When (Tequila) Bob approached me about doing a talk show, my first answer was no," said Carol Benson, radio instructor at MJC. "I didn't think that students could pull it off. The show is an hour of dialogue and most students would resort to Beavis and Butt-head jokes. But I knew that Tequila Bob had the maturity to handle it." Benson talked it over with John Giorgio, the RA/TV Instruction Assistant. "Bob is the type of person who likes information. Every morning he comes to the control room and the first thing he asks me is if I have the paper," said Giorgio. With the decision made, all that was left was to find a co-host. That's when Elizondo suggested Rick Jones, also known as Red Dog. "I knew that Tied Dog* could handle it," Elizondo said. With the co-host position filled, the show was ready to go. "You hear those guys on the radio and you think Tfow hard could this be?' said Jones. " We found out in our first show." They found out that an hour of air time is hard to fill. They were struggling to get through that first hour, but they have gone on to produce shows that deal with such controversial subjects as religion and mutliculturalism at MJC. "The goal of the show is to make people listen and have an open discussion," Elizondo said. Elizondo is graduating in May so plans for the show are up in the air. "We'll lose Bob this semester, but I would like to continue doing the show," Jones said, "It's fun." Fictional Reality airs Wednesdays from 4-5 pm on the student radio station KRJC. ing community participation in the decision to caned the program. 20 YEARS AGO Both day and night students know the frustration of trying to find a nonexistent parking place at Modesto Junior College. Modesto Junior College's more than 18,000 students must now view for 1,198 parking slots (968 of which are located on the East Campus). Night students are even more at a disadvantages since they are also faced with the added problem of lighting. They are understandably reluctant to park on dark, unlighted streets. 25 YEARS AGO "Feed our children," blared the large homemade signs as the file of more than a hundred marchers made their way through the MJC campus with shouts of "Down with Corona." The marchers, taking the form of MJC and high school students, and parents, were protesting the Modesto School Boards decision not to take a $20,000 federal government grant that would make available free school lunches to poverty-stricken children.Supporting the march, which had no specific group as organizer, were the recently formed Citizens to Save the Free Lunch Program, the MECHA Club of MJC, and approximately one-hundred high school students who had staged a walkout from their regular classes earlier in the day. If you could make the decision on U.S. policy in Vietnam, what would be your choice? Forty-two percent of the students recently polled by an opinion questionnaire were in favor of President Nixon's policy of gradual withdrawal. The Pirates' Log polled 150 MJC students with an attitude- opinion questionnaire and came up with the following results: Nixon's policy had only a slight edge over immediate withdrawal of all troops (39 per cent). Stopping withdrawals of U.S. forces and pushing for a military victory received 22 votes. Pacing the Modesto Juris. *• College Pirates to a 77^59' Conference victory over the American River Beavers Friday on the MJC track, Kent Moore figured in four winning events to help the Pirates keep their undefeated mark standing. Summer Employment in Yosemite Concession Services Corp. offers yon the opportunity to live and work in one of the world's most beautiful sites. The "Yosemite Experience'* is a tradition of exceptional guest service. If you have the ability to work hard and smile, now is your chance to join our team. We are currently accepting applications for a variety of positions in all areas of hospitality service in our hotels, restaurants, retail, recreational, and support facilities. Housing provided for applicant only. For further information and application, call or write. Yosemite





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