1995-05-04 Focus, page 3


1995-05-04 Focus, page 3


Thursday, May 4,1995 FOCUS TEATURES Should militias have the right to organize? "They ought to have their say, but in a peaceful manner." Azenda Campball "Yes. You can't leave everything up to the government" pas Phuong Nguyen Br"-* "Yes, for a good cause. But not for bombing." Rod Hill "Yes, as long as they're not harming others." "Yes, as long as they're not breaking any major laws." "I think they have the right unless it's harmful to others." Anthony Tannehill Christine Digiore Sarah Harkrader O&tJie ioevH, NoellCoward Classic —The-MJC Theater department presents Bfj&M&pirti in the East Campus: little Theatre. - Adtnissio^jlo the playjs $8 tor general admission and $7 for students and seniors. Spin! will jun Friday and Saturday and May :t 1-13 at 8 p.m. A May 14 matinee begins<ftt,2^nirr /* Music, Maestro? —»• Night at the Pops Is coining Mayi1^ and 20 to the MJC Auditorium. The event, sponsored fl*! KHVi.Qfl2.»3)and PshifceShineBxpress Car Wash, will feature the Modesto Symphony Orchestra and the Modesto Melody jMakers Barl||§shop ChoTus playing music from both Stage and screen. Night at the Pops begins at 8 p.m. and tickets are available through MSO i l^r caSlrW^3r4i^' .. %■-- *"' " HE P -': < America's Best SUMMER SALES INTERNSHIP Kept Secret If you want in on a great secret, just listen: The National Federation of Independent Business is the voice of small business across the' country. NFIB is known as one Of the 10 toughest lobbies in Washington. We're currently looking for motivated summer interns - both full- and part-time - :o build and maintain our memberships. We provide trailing, prospects, support and w-ekly commissions ~ you [ rovide the dedication. Call today to intern for a cause you can believe in! And, if you're unable to call, please forward your resume to our processing, center: Iff IB, 7676 Hillmont, Ste. 290, Houston, TX 77040. EOE. 1-800-733-6222 24-hours/day, 7 days/week The voice of small business. The voice of opportunity. Retirees to be honored by Denise Perry Focus staff writer The college will honor retired or soon to be retired MJC staff and faculty, including MJC President Stan Hodges, at the Yosemite Community College District Staff Recognition Dinner on May 12. Hodges will retire in June after 30 years at MJC. Hodges has been the college president since 1987 and has been a member of numerous academic associations. These associations include the Association of California Community College Administrators, the Northern California Chief Instructional Officers Association, the State Chancellor's Office Ad Hoc Committee for Vocational Education, and the Learning Assessment Retention Consortium of California, North. He has also served as Chairman of the Stanislaus County Economic Development Corporation Board from 1992- 93. Other retirees include Alice Ann Fer- rell, Administrative Secretary, MJC; Dorothy Flora, Health Services, MJC; Dorothy Macchler, Accompanist & Instr. Asst., CC; Ronald Roach, Printing Spe cialist, CC; Marilyn Rodgers, Bookstore Buyer, MJC; Wilbur Simms, English Instructor and Adviser for Focus - which is MJC's student newspaper; and Kenneth Simmons, Skilled Craft Technician, YCCD. Employees will also be honored for 25 yearsof service. This dinner is sponsored by the California Employees Association, the YCCD Leadership Team, the Yosemite Community College District, and the Yosemite Faculty Association. A no-host Social featuring music by the MJC Jazz Band, will begin at 6:30 p.m. The dinner is set for May 12 at 7 pjn. It will be held in the Red Lion Inn in Modesto. Tickets are available for $23.00 at all Business Services Offices (MJC East, MJC West, Columbia, and Central Services). Tickets should be purchased before Wednesday. They will not be sold at the door. Registration IpBtodents may petition |6r advanced registration appointments for FalJ 1995 if they meet all of the following crifo* " * MJC continuing student|1||1 '.• f {Completed ?^::pn3ts of cbllege work and in good standing <h|lb f * First etiroUn^nt m the class .41 (advanced registration % mii available for course repetitions) '^ >;;', * Registration appointinent day 3 <Jif la'tec, ;| |' * JMol^ettiug courspOf) ^H& delay completion ty one Or niore semesters - f The fowns lyill^be asffttlable ij. MM1CF <^jfi^:%i^. .&rnis must be signed and returned to .the^nSie. office.^ or before JuneJSi, 1995., What Are You Doing This Slimmer?... % ... Get a jump start on your upper-division courses! CSU Stanislaus Summer Session • Two Segments: Segment 1 - June 5 - July 14 Segment II - July 17 - Aug. 25 • Courses begin and end on various dates J*r3 • No formal admission application is required But remember, the courses are available on a first-come, first-served basis. So. . don't take a chance on missing out • register now! For mort information call University Extended Education: 667-311 or 522-1772. Stop by ae M J.C. Bookstore for your free catalog. Focus invites interested students and staff to learn about newspaper Whether you're a fan or a foe of Focus, come and see some of the faces behind the names May 11 in Journalism 150. Focus editors, staff writers and the paper's adviser will be in the journalism room from 4 to 5 p.m. to meet with anyone who's interested in how this program operates. Maybe you're a teacher with students who have an interest in journalism. Or you're a student who knows how to write but wants some publishing experience. Maybe you've wanted to submit an opinion piece to the paper, but you don't know how. Find out May 11. Adviser Diane Flores will talk to prospective students, as well as faculty who want to know how to help improve Focus, MJC's only student publication. So come on by. We won't have refreshments, but you still get something out of it anyway. '.\-:-':'.'.' :':■'■'■''





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