1995-05-04 Focus, page 2


1995-05-04 Focus, page 2


OPINIONS FOCUS Thursday, May 4,1995 FOCUS Matt Kreamer j Editor-in-chief Brad Van Unen * News Editor Mike Kantro Features editor Ralph Williams Sports editor Sieve Courtier Photo editor Jeffrey Suess Graphics editor' Stefanie Moser . Ray MfooshOou Oenfeeffany BricaSehl Photographers 1 LoriCollett | *p^^^po*es^:* i focus is published each Thursday of the college yew — except during holiday and examination periods «~ as a project of-file journalism program at Modesto Junior College, Modesto, CA 9S3SO. . Represented «a!ionsiUy for advertising by CASS Communications, Inc., of Evanston, IL; American Passage of Seattle, WA; and CoUege Media Placement Services of Burbanlc, CA Opinions expressed m FOCUS are those of the wrtters and do not necessarily express the attitudes of tfe student body, faculty, staff, or admimstrattOH of the college or the Yosemite Community CoUege District. Member Journalism Association of Community Colleges; California Newspaper PuMtskers Association.. Telephones (Area 209) Advertising; 575-6302 Editorial: $75^223 Adviser*. S75&24 Editorial Cancelling I.D. card fees limits student representation activities There has been recent concern about Student I.D. cards. The Associated Students of MJC have been charging $4 for the mandatory student I.D.'s for quite some time. In fact, the cards are the major source of revenue for the organization. Now, largely because of the demands of a few students who thought they were doing the student body a favor, the MJC administration has decided the card fee is illegal and could no longer be required. As a result, the organization will lose' approximately two-thirds of its annual revenue. A large portion of that money is used for lobbying representatives in Sacramento for support with stu dent concerns and issues. Now that the money has been lost that process will no longer be as effective, if it continues at all. The real issue is that students didn't seem to mind paying the $4 charge. They were getting an I.D. card in return. Other fees automatically charged at registration, such as the health fee are continually overlooked, Has anyone ever received $10 worth of health services during any semester at MJC? In the case of the I.D. cards, the benefits outweigh the costs. For $4, students received the cards and political representation. Ifs too bad that service is no longer available. Letters to the Editor Letters Policy: Letters should be limited to 2S0 words and signed by the author to be printed In Focus. All letters must include your Social Security number, which Is used for verification. Social Security numbers will not be printed. Submit letters using the campus mail, the U.S. mail (Focus, c/o Modesto Junior College, Modesto 95350), or bring them to the Focus office in the Journalism Building. Student speaks out against Academic Senate Dear Editor, U$S$ At Modesto Junior College, the faculty have raised their voices in protest of the governance policies currently on place for the campus. In California, community colleges operate by a principle of "shared governance". Simply put, the concept is that everyone who is affected by the decision-making process.has a right to be involved on the process of making decisions. Here at Modesto, this means that faculty, staff, and students have a right to partake in the decision making processes at this campus. As an experienced student leader who had to struggle for official inclusion of students on the governance processes I am depressed by the lack of vision the faculty is showing. While there are problems that should be dealt with, they are not as major as the faculty would have us believe. In his speech before the Board of Trustees on May 2, Allen Boyer (the Academic Senate President) left the students out of his speech on shared governance. In my dealings with the Academic Senate, I have found instance after instance where faculty are at best reticent to include students in the decision making process. When re-forming a Student Petitions Committee, they removed the student position on that committee. Before the faculty complain about how the administration treats them in the governance process of MJC, they might want to consider how they treat other groups who are involved. — Daniel R. Kirk, Jr. Re-entry Club president responds to letter Dear Editor, My name is Michelle Claus, the Adult Re-entry Club president. Several active members have asked me to respond to the letter, "Candidate requests support," in the April 27 issue of Focus. I feel there were several errors in the letter by LaDonna Ignacio and wish to set the record straight. The Adult Re-entry Club is a highly respected club within the community and on the MJC campus. We are a strong group with over 100 members and are nowhere near extinction. Our members have been very supportive of the changes that have taken place this semester and anticipate a very productive and active membership -next semester. — Michelle Claus More support for Re-entry Club president Dear Editor, My name is Keith Fagan and, I've been an active Reentry Club member for five semesters. I just read the letter by LaDonna Ignacio and was totally caught off guard by her statements. I, too, have seen the club go through many changes and have never heard anyone refer to our club as a joke except her.. Our dub is well respected in the community and we have many letters of appreciation to show for it As for Ken Baker and other officers leaving, we'll just say that when the Re-entry Club asked for a recount of their votes, they resigned. I am a strong supporter of the Re-entry Club and I believe that we need people in charge with a positive outlook for the club. On that note, I whole-heartedly endorse Michelle Claus for president of the Re-entry Club. Since she has taken over as president, she has shown great leadership qualities and I think the club will benefit greatly from her dedication. — Keith Fagan Summer semester schedules are now available in the admissions M iMi^WM0$^< $\ifj^$f'di$$&G$ begin Mti& t2^





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