Buccaneer (1923)


1923 Buccaneer, page 81


SOMEDAYΓÇöEquivocal; indeterminate; Utopian bliss; When all our notebooks will be finished. LIBRARYΓÇöHang-out of loose fossils and those who bring excuses to professors; room inhabited by co-eds, brainless athletes, etc. when they have no better place to go. JAZZΓÇöCombination of sounds invented by idiots to amuse imbeciles. ENGLISH HISTORYΓÇöCause of mental deliriums; class for purchasing of library books; the reason for the big light bill. BRACE AND BITΓÇöTerm applied to all form of secret societies; a college joke; society for the prevention of cruelty to dogs. (Beware Doc. Anderson). OFFICEΓÇöTicket room; hall of justice; hall of records; home of the dean. ------ GO TO IT. SkoogΓÇöDog-gone it. I wish a fellow could express himself around here. (NoteΓÇöFerry boat, has just arrived.) ------ Fences are used in the spring to keep the trees from leaving. ------ Miss Hume (in Botany)ΓÇöClass define "plant Physiology." M. Johnson (after a minute)ΓÇöDid you say plant psychology? ------ JoeΓÇöEre Curley, you know everythingΓÇöwhat's cosmopolitan? CurleyΓÇöWell, it's like this: Suppose you were a Russian Jew livin' in England, married to a negro woman, an' you'd just finished a bit of Irish stew, an' was smoking an Egyptian cigarette, while a German band outside was playing the Blue Bells O' ScotlandΓÇöyou'd be a cosmopolitan. ------ OH CENTRAL RaganΓÇöI wonder why those girls didn't answer us when we spoke to them. KingΓÇöOh, I suppose they're telephone girls. Gentle reader, you can pick this book to pieces, but please leave the editor whole. GOOD BYE. The next editor please start where this work stops. Page Seventy-seven





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