Buccaneer (1923)


1923 Buccaneer, page 80


SOMEDAY MAYBE KnowlesΓÇö"What has Hogin got that bandage on his upper lip for? ParkeΓÇöHe's got it soaked, with hair tonic so he can grow a mustache. ------- RAINBOW KISS JonesΓÇö I saw him give her a rainbow kiss when he left. SmithΓÇöWhat kind of a kiss is that? JonesΓÇöOne that follows a storm. ------ Mr. Fuller wished to see what would be the effect on a typical wide-awake boy if some outlandish question were suddenly sprung upon him. Accordingly, he stopped a bright-looking newsboy one evening and asked him with great seriousness; "What time is it by your nose?" "Mine ain't running," promptly returned the boy. ------ POOR GERKEN WhitmoreΓÇöDo you know that the year 1313 was an unlucky one? GerkenΓÇöNo, why? WhitmoreΓÇöBecause everybody born in that year is dead now. ------ COLLEGIATE ENCYCLOPEDIA. CORDSΓÇöMale raiment, badge of the stronger sex; corrugated coverings of the lower limbs. CO-EDΓÇöFemale of the student species, a drone among workers; one who aspires to movie fame, and attends college to get local color; a purveyor of funny narratives at dove parties. DIRECTORYΓÇöOfficial and efficient aid to date-seeking males. MINUSΓÇöA mathematical sign; synonymous with flunk; a factor in the back-to-the-farm movement; the reason for the vacant seat. JUNIOR COLLEGEΓÇöA group of hybrids having a dominant characteristic; those who notably hate themselves; society for the advancement of Self-Admiration. NIGHT OWLΓÇöA person imbued with an incurable wanderlust; one who spends his nights on park benches; the reason for the open door policy at rooming houses. ZEROΓÇöIt equals minus when placed on test papers Page Seventy-sjx





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