Buccaneer (1923)


1923 Buccaneer, page 79


FAMOUS SAYINGS Mr. CrookeΓÇöDown in Arizona. Mr. EllisΓÇöThe men of the college. Mr. FullerΓÇöWisconsin is first. Miss PainterΓÇöYes, but what does Foster say about it? Miss MeltonΓÇöNow, young people. Mr. MartinΓÇöSee how beautiful this equation unfolds itself. Mr. MorrisΓÇöI'm too busyΓÇöcome around tomorrow. ------ GROWING FAST F. HoweΓÇöIf this debate doesn't start pretty soon I'll have to go home and get another shave. ------ DocΓÇöWhat are the bones in your head? DollyΓÇöDice. ------ Mr. HochΓÇöNow what other case is there in history of brotherly love? R. KingΓÇöCain and Able. ------ GerkenΓÇöHey, what is botany? BigelowΓÇöBotany is the formality you have to go through with for six units. ------ RECENT BOOKS How to Bluff the FacultyΓÇöby William Parke. The author of this book has had a great deal of experience. It should be read by every Freshman. "When You Have Grown a Mustache, You Are Grown Up."ΓÇöby Francis Howe. This work of art speaks for itself. "Evils of the Dance Hall"ΓÇöby Orrin Moorehead. This author is also responsible for "How to Train Women." "An Essay on Osculation"ΓÇöby Robert Johnson. Deals very adequately with concrete composite manifestations of human affections. "Tales from a GraveyardΓÇöby Anthony Vincent. This work should be read by every student before examsΓÇöit gives such a bright outlook on life. The Best Time to SleepΓÇöby Richard McGee. This work describes psychology of day dreams. The book is an art in itselfΓÇöCalifornia intends adopting it as the text book for 1925. Page Seventy-five





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